Academic Excellence.

Many parents like you are seeking new alternatives to their child's academic success. MathWizard recognizes the value parents place on education—and we are here to help. Our unique approach provides students in pre-kindergarten through high school with the skills necessary to achieve all of their academic goals in math, English, and science.

Mathwizard Promotes Academic Excellence in Every Child

What's New?

NEW Learning Centers!

  • Carrollwood, FL – Now Open!
  • Manchester, CT – Now Open!
  • Nashville, TN – Now Open!
  • Symrna, GA – Now Open!
Symrna, GA

Registration starts August 3rd!
Classes start September 1st!
2014 Common Core State Standards

All math and English material has been re-aligned with the 2014 Common Core State Standards.
Standardized Test Prep

All math and English material now includes practice standardized testing material.
Learning Center Quizzes

Learning Centers will be having regular monthly quizzes to ensure learning in students.
Science Program

Our new 16-week science program is available through the Tutoring by Mail Program and at select Learning Centers for grades 3 through 5. See Science Curriculum for more details.

Parent Testimonials

"I highly recommend this program to other parents who are seeking to provide a more structured and individualized program for their child."

--Susan P

"MathWizard has been a great experience for my two sons. The teachers for Math and English are excellent and go above and beyond to help them excel."

--Seema T

"My son loves the challenging math problems of MathWizard program. We love the prompt communication and affordable cost of this program."

--Nilam P

"I was looking for a math program that would challenge my daughters and improve their analytical skills…They are developing a keen interest in math with this program."

--Sita R.